Almighty's Set
Req. Level 350

Almighty's Set:
+8000 Agility
+3750 Strength
+3750 Intelligence
+150000 Life
+100 Mana Regeneration/sec
+200 Life Regeneration/sec


Healing: 300K, Angels of the Almighty,
Teleportation Mastery/Presence of the Almighty,
Stop, True Sight, Cleave/ Critical Strike: 7%x3, Athletics


Wrath of Heaven: x2 Strength Damage (Paladin)
Heal: +65k Hp (Wizard)


Bring 25 Potentia Stones to the fountain in the Almighty's Chambers to harness the power of the Almighty himself.


How to Obtain

God's Set + 25 Angel Feathers + 25 Demon Crystals + 25 Potentia Stones + 1 Fusion Stone = Almighty's Set

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