The Angel of Light is the Evolved form of the Warrior.

"Almighty: So you have returned... I see you have become strong Daemon."
"Daemon: Where are you? Why can't I see you?"
"Almighty: I am not far Daemon. You served me long ago when the Great War came to the Daemonic Realm. The Realm you know so well now. You were the most powerful of all the Daemonics Daemon. That is why I chose you to be my angel of Light."
"Daemon: I Serve you now once more Almighty. I will be your angel again."
"Almighty: I will restore you to your rightful power as a Daemonic. Take my blood and once again become my Angel of Light."
"Daemon: I am the Angel of Light."

Angel of Light

Angel of Light

Winging It.

Strength: 36+18 (7218 max)

Agility: 16+10 (4006 max)

Intelligence: 13+9 (3604 max)

Starting Life: 2695

Starting Mana: 26 

Starting damage: 127

ROLES: Tank, Physical Damage, Burst Damage


In Progess

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