Artifact of the Master
Req. Level 125

What was lost and hidden is now found


+60 Armor
+750 Stats
+50% Spell Reduction


How to Obtain

Fuse the 4 artifacts with a Fusion Stone.

Locations of the artifacts:

  1. Artifact Piece 1/4 - Outside the DarkHaven Mining Cave
  2. Artifact Piece 2/4 - In a harvsting patch on a peninsula just North of Alexandria
  3. Artifact Piece 3/4 - To the right of the entrance of ice dungeon, in the middle of a camp
  4. Artifact Piece 4/4 - At the hell gate (not hell portal), north of the Ancient City Ruins dig in the white square

If you can't find them, equip Draconian Scepter of Truth to have the ground shake. A high enough hunting skill (lvl 50+) does the same thing.


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