The Assassin

Strength: 12+8 (3204 max)

Agility: 31+14 (5617 max)

Intelligence: 7+7 (2800 max)

Starting Life: 1215

Starting Mana: 14 

Starting damage: 112

ROLES: Melee DPS, Stealth

Description: ​Lacking in AOE abilities but is excellent with very quick direct and sneak attacks with low cooldowns. Can go invisible when low on health to set up for next move.


in Progess


Xelic's symbol (level 200 req) (Ultimate)

Bralic (level 350 req) (Ultimate)


The Assassin's House location is south of the Temple of Seven.


The Assassin's Evolution Location is at the golden Statue on top of the Temple of Seven. She transforms into the Shadowblade.

Assassin Bug/Abuse

The Assassin in 6.14 have an abnormal cleave or very powerful cleave that causes an instant death to surrounding units of the target, that make her strong versus bosses who summon units (ex.Nagator,Diablo,Soulless One etc).

this bug is tested :)

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