Blacks Pirate's Hat
Req. Level 210
Type Helmet

The Hat of the Great Terror of the seas, Black Pirate. Legends were told that his hat granted him immortality.


+2250 Agility
+2250 Strength
+750 Intelligence
+50K Life Bonus
+150 Life Regeneration/sec


Life Steal: +10%


How to Obtain

Fusion: Pirate Relic 1 + Pirate Relic 2 + Pirate Relic 3 + Pirate Relic 4 + Fusion stone = Blacks Pirate's Hat

Black Piratehat's Barrel spot

Hide in a barrel here and you get transported into a ship where you have to use thievery to navigate past guards


Use Thievery to steal the Pirate Hat from a boat with guards, hatches, & a safe


Black Piratehat's 1st Area

To start off you need 10 rope to go in and out of the columns and sleep/paralyze potions to open gates then distract guards after the 2nd gate opens and unlock the hatch at the end

Black Piratehat's 2nd Area

Congrats!! you're at the end of the journey, just open the gate and unlock the safe as the guard in there does nothing (for now)