Blacks Pirate's Hat
Req. Level 210
Type Helmet

The Hat of the Great Terror of the seas, Black Pirate. Legends were told that his hat granted him immortality.


+2250 Agility
+2250 Strength
+750 Intelligence
+50K Life Bonus
+150 Life Regeneration/sec


Life Steal: +10%


How to Obtain

Fusion: Pirate Relic 1 + Pirate Relic 2 + Pirate Relic 3 + Pirate Relic 4 + Fusion stone = Blacks Pirate's Hat

There are two ways to obtain the Black Pirate's Hat:

  1. Find the small island above and slightly to the left of dragon island. This small island has a level 25 thievery safe located on it, once unlocked the chest drops the Black Pirate's Hat.
  2. The second way is to find all 4 pirate relics which can be obtained by purchasing a Treasure boat from the Pirate's Cove and using it's ability. The relics are scattered across the map, use the ability on the bubbles coming up from the water(these can be found anywhere, there is even a spot inside the desert). The bubbles have the same items in them every game(along with randomly dropped ones), you can find the 4 daemonic artifacts in these bubbles as well.
  • Tips for the 4 pirate relics:
  • -One is located at the orc encampment located east of the mainland(it's offshore)
  • -Another is beneath the entrance to the black citadel
  • -The last one is located on the western side of the mainland(left it broad for you to adventure :D)

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