Bloody Wings
Req. Level 35
Type Exquisite

+300 Intelligence
+150 Agility
+100 Strength


Wings: 10% Athletics Bonus (Self)
Summon Gargoyles: Summon four Gargoyles of Blood
Bloody Mana: 5% Chance to increase Mana by 5%


Undead Feast: Intelligence x 2
Arcane Nova: Intelligence
White Missile: Intelligence


25 Potentia Stones (25 Speechcraft)


How to obtain

Enchanting Pedestal: a fully charged Worn out Feather with 25 Potentia Stone.

(Speechcraft Lvl Req unknown)


This item gains charges when you kill enemies. It must have a full 100 charges to be enchanted.


Enchant bloody wings at a FULL 100 CHARGES at a Enchanting Pedestal with 25 Potentia Stone to upgrade to Bloody Wings of the Night

(Speechcraft Lvl Req 25)

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