Bloody Wings of the Night
Bloody Wings of the Night
Req. Level 80
Type Exquisite

+1000 Intelligence
+550 Agility
+325 Strength
+50 Life Regeneration/sec


Athletics: 500
Summon Gargoyles: Summon four Gargoyles of Blood
Bloody Mana: 5% chance to increase mana by 5%


Undead Feast: Intelligence x 2
Arcane Nova: Intelligence
White Missile: Intelligence


25 Potentia


OLD Description: The wings cry for the Blood of Diablo himself.


How to Obtain

Enchanting Pedestal: a fully charged Bloody Wings with 25 Potentia Stone.

(Speechcraft Lvl Req 25)


Enchant Bloody wings of the Night with Diablo's Wing and 25 Potentia Stone to upgrade it to Bloody Wings of the Newbae.

(Speechcraft Lvl Req Unknown)

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