Book of the Dragon

Book Details:
Inside the Water, Ice, and Black Temples there are the remains of three Dragons which can be unburied with the help of this book.


Suggested Level: 100-200
Return this book to a Villager lady in the City of Fira.


How to Obtain

Speak to the woman in Fira above the graveyard and below the church to start the quest. Randomly spawns in the upper right of the Dark Forest.


Bring it to the woman you spoke to before. After about 3 days game time, (24 minutes), return to her to get the book back. You have to dig with Diamond Pickaxe or better in the Ice Temple, Water Temple, and Black Citadel at the dragon bones, while the book is equipped. Bring the 3 skulls you get back to the woman to get Draconian Shield of Skulls.

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