Crirons Scroll is the class item for the Daemonic Necromancer.

Crirons Scroll
Crirons Scroll
Req. Level 200
Type Ultimate

The Scroll of the undead is the most powerful source of death magic, and will release powers within the risen dead.


+4900 Intelligence
+2250 Strength
+1750 Agility
+30K Life Bonus
+100 Mana Regeneration


Undead Aura: (+850 Damage to Summons)


Finger of Death: Intelligence x 2
Souless Wave: Intelligence x 2


How to Obtain

You can obtain this item once you reach level 150 at the golden statue in the black citadel.

for information on how to get to the statue, see Black Citadel (Part 1 - 9)


Upgraded to Shadric in Ancient Ruins.

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