Daemonic Cuirass of the One
Req. Level 350
Type Chest

Combine with fallen stars the weapons three have become One, and the One shall set glory upon the Realms.


+180 Armor
+2000 Stats
+50% Spell Damage Reduction


Command Aura: 20%
Aura of Eternity: Slows nearby units
Boots of the Gods Aura: 550Hp/sec + Max Atheltics
True Excalibur: Strength x3


Daemonic Blast: +75K Dmg Arcane Bolt: +50K Dmg
Powershot: +50K Dmg Throw Knife: +75K Dmg


How to Obtain

Fusion:True Excalibur + Glorious Boots of the Gods + Gem of Eternity + Ultima + Daemonic Cuirass of Power + Fusion Stone
= Daemonic Cuirass of the One


Daemonic Weapon of the One + Daemonic Cuirass of the One + Daemonic Shield of the One + Daemonic Visor of the One + Fusion Stone
= Chosen One's Set

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