Daemonic Sword
Type Left-Handed or Right-Handed

This is the Daemonic Sword, wielded once by the angel of light long ago...


+300 Damage
+50 Stats


Critical Strike: 10% chance to cause x2 Damage
Daemonic Burn: Damage: (Str + Agi + Int) with burning


How to Obtain

Reward during the good main quest. Found when you are sent to the Ancient Cave southwest of Ramoria


Daemonic Sword + Book of Switching Wields
= Changes sword from right-handed to left handed and vice versa

Daemonic Sword + Orb of Life
= Ultimate Daemonic Sword of Life (Fused at Ancient City Temple)

Daemonic Sword + Orb of Death
= Daemonic Sword of Death (Fused at Ancient City Temple)