Daemonic Weapon of the One
Req. Level 390
Type Left Handed

The sword which knows no equal and makes nothing impossible.


+3500 Stats


Critical Strike: 15% Chance to deal 5x Damage
Evasion: 20%
Life Steal: 12%
Teleport to Temple of the One:


Each attack deals 2% Damage from current Health of target.


The Daemonic Weapon of the One is the strongest weapon in the game. Because it is part of the Chosen One's Set, it cannot be used with that set (Can be used in 6.23). The bonus attack damage on the left-handed version is listed as 2% while the bonus on the right-handed version is listed as 1%

How to Obtain

Fusion:Prismatic Amulet of the One + Legendary Daemonic Sword + Nagator's Soul + Essence of the Almighty + Essence of Diablo + Fusion Stone = Daemonic Weapon of the One


WotO Lefthanded

Lefthanded Wield gives only 1% damage bonus as of v6.68

Daemonic Weapon of the One + Book of Switching Wields
= Changes sword from right-handed to left handed and vice versa

Daemonic Weapon of the One + Daemonic Cuirass of the One + Daemonic Shield of the One + Daemonic Visor of the One + Fusion Stone
= Chosen One's Set