Daemonic Wings of the Newbae
Daemonic Wings of the Newbae
Req. Level 350
Type Exquisite

Dæmonic blood has been infused with these wings increasing their power to its maximum. The Newbæ know no fear.


+6500 Intelligence
+2500 Agility
+1500 Strength
+100 Mana Regeneration


Wings of the Newbæ: 100 Life Regen and Max Athletics
Summon Gargoyles: Summons 8 Winged Gargoyles
Bloody Mana: 10% chance to steal 10% of targets mana
Mana Burst: 10% chance to deal Damage equal to Mana when attacked


Undead Feast: Intelligence x 2
Arcane Nova: Intelligence
White Missile: Intelligence


How to Obtain

Enchanting Pedestal: Bloody Wings of the Newbae + 25 Angel Feather + 25 Demon Crystal + 25 Potentia Stone = Daemonic Wings of the Newbae

(Speechcraft Lvl Req 50)

Note: Despite saying 8 in description, only summons 6 gargoyles (v6.58)