Demon Hunter

Demon Hunter

The DemonHunter

Strength: 15+10 (4005 max)

Agility: 23+13 (5210 max)

Intelligence: 12+6 (2406 max)

Starting Life: 1375

Starting Mana: 24

Starting Damage: 84

Roles: Offtank, Summons, Debuffs, Crowd control


Summon Demons - 50 Mana/Lvl, Summon Demons from the Underworld to protect the Demon Hunter. The Summons start in small numbers and grow into powerful Demons able to stop the most Powerful Heroes

Comet Strike - Summons a massive Comet which hits a targeted unit and does damage to nearby enemies. Damage Formula: (500 x Ability Level) + ((Agility x2) + Intelligence)

Demonic Form - Allow the Demons within you to consume your soul. Give up all control and unleash an ancient hidden power. This ability increases Damage, Defense, Life causing Spell immunity making him an unstoppable being. The more experience the demon hunter has in this force the longer he can withstand it. Formula: 200 Dmg x Ability Level, 2 Armor x Ability Level, 2000 Life x Ability Level. Duration: 31s Cooldown: 60s

Demon Wave - Send a blast of Demon Willpower towards an enemy eating every being of their soul until death or insanity take over. The magic of the wave does not come from the Hero himself, but the demons will eat away at his soul. Damage Formula: (1000xAbility Level) + (Agility x 2)

Daemonic Hunter's Abilities

in progress


The Demon Hunter's House location is in the Southwest corner of Ramoria.

Class Item

Killah's Daemonic Stone (Level 200 req) (Ultimate)

Azela (Level 350 req) (Ultimate)


Take a level 400 Demon Hunter with Love's Tear to his Evolution Location, directly south of the hellportal in the South Barrens. (The area with the hellcallers). He Transforms into the Demon Slayer.

Demon Hunter Bug/Abuse

The Demon Hunter in 6.14 has an abnormal cleave or very powerful cleave that causes an instant death to surrounding units of the target, that makes him strong versus bosses who summon units. (ex.Nagator,Diablo,Soulless One etc).

this bug is tested :)

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