The Demon Slayer is the Evolved form of the Demon Hunter.

Killah: "This portal leads to the underworld. I can feel the demons calling upon me. The demons within my soul were place there by Diablo himself as torture for my crimes against the Unholy Kingdom. I was cursed from Hell. I did not belong with the light anymore. I drifted for what seemed like forever in realms far between. Now I hear a Daemonic from the future has arrived, and Daemon is his name... If this is true, the Angel of Light really has returned. Then I must rise up against the forces of evil once again. I will unleash the true slayer within me and fight alongside this Angel of Light, for I will kill Diablo myself."

Demon Slayer

Demon Slayer

The Demon Slayer

Strength: 20+11 (4808 max)

Agility: 28+16 (6412 max)

Intelligence: 17+8 (3209 max)

Starting Life: 2250

Starting Mana: 34

Roles: Offtank, Summons, Debuffs


in progress


The Demon Slayer's House location is in the Southwest corner of Ramoria.

Class Items


  • When using the Daemonic Slayer metamorphosis, there is a chance that all sub-menus (Hero Skills, Daemonic Demon Slayer's Power) will become empty. Transforming again can sometimes remedy this.

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