Diablo, Lord of Terror, is the Dungeon Boss for Hell.

For other fights with diablo, see Diablo

Level 350
Type Dungeon Boss
HP 4,390,840
Strength 17,042
Agility 13,300
Intelligence 10,686
Primary Attribute Strength
Damage 19,543
Armor 383
Attack Type Hero
Armor Type Demon
Attack Range Melee

Fireball, Diablos Infernals, Immolation


Diablos Set Pieces, Essence of Diablo


Diablo has constant immolation and will cast an explosion with a huge radius which can decimate summons. He casts rain of fire which will summon several Diablos Infernals. He will occasionally cast fireball and stun the hero.

About halfway though the battle he will transform, gaining the Demon Sword of Diablo increases his damage by 7,500. At this point, he will start summoning twice as many Infernals, and Acolytes will appear in the corners and head towards him. If they reach him, they will heal him slightly.


Diablo with his sword


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