Dragon Egg

This egg needs to be incubated somewhere.


Locate the different fountains within Brenellia and use them to incubate the egg.


How to Obtain

  • Drop from Poison,Flame, and Black Dragons On Ashium (dragon and), located to the North of Hordolian , the Orc Encampment area.


  • Use near Cold Fireplace(beside the portal) in ice area(north of forgotten's cave) to get Blue Dragon.
    Blue Dragon Incubating Area

    Blue Dragon's Incubating Area

  • Use near Lava Tower/Fire chasm in Volcano(area west of the door) to get Flame Dragon.
    Flame Dragon Incubation place

    Flame Dragon's Incubating Area.

  • Use near Defiled Fountain of Life east of Fusion Shop to get Green Dragon.
    Green Dragon Incubating Area

    Green Dragon's Incubating Area.

  • Use near Fountain of Blood on Dracula's Den to get Blood Dragon.
Blood Dragon Incubating Area

Blood Dragon's Incubating Area.

Blood Dragons Appearance outside the den

Blood Dragon's Appearance outside the Vampire Den.

Golden Dragon-0

Amulet of the Dragon Hatches A Golden Dragon