The Dragon Princess is the evolved version of the Summoner.

Diuna: "This place, I sense something very sacred about these ruins. This was once an ancient city ruled by Daemonics. It seems all so familiar, yet distant as if in another life. These memories of this place, they are all coming back to me. I was a princess of Daemonics, sworn to protect the light in the times of the Great War. I feel strange, these memories are becoming something more..."

Dragon Princess

Dragon Princess

The Dragon Princess

Strength: 13+9 (3604 max)

Agility: 17+9 (3608 max)

Intelligence: 35+18 (7217 max)

Starting Life: 1535

Starting Mana: 70

Starting Damage: 51

Roles: Summons, Summon Augmentation


Children of Scales [Q]

The Dragon Princess call upon her dragons which she will use to slice down her enemies. The maximum number of summons will increase by 1 each level until the Dragons Evolve. Every five to ten levels the dragons will evolve becoming more powerful lowering back the maximum summon count.

Summoner's Presence

Summoning Daemonic energy the Hero Dispurses waves in all direction towards her enemies inflicting pain per second.

Damage Formula: 100 x (Ability Level) + (Intelligence / 2)

Essence of Life

The Princess of Daemonics is loved by all and grants all nearby subjects a great bonus in health regeneration.

Regeneration Formula: 50 HP/Sec x (Ability Level)

Dæmonic Aura

An ancient Royal power of the Dæmonic has been blessed upon the princess, granting all nearby friendly summons an attack bonus.

Damage Formula: 100 x (Ability Level)

Summoner's Spellbook

Level 1 Vanquish The princess may vanquish one summoned unit of her choosing into the void. The princess may either target her own summons, or an enemy summon killing it instantly granting 2000 mana -basically same as the first one

Serpent of the void Summons the Ancient Protector of the Daemonic princess. The summoned Hero will protect the princess until death, and come with great power equal to the level of the princess - summon scaling with level of princess Have Crit strike 20% X2 Evasion 40% Nether bolt IntX3 penetrating magic immune Self invisibility 250 mana duration 60 cd 60 Super mana shield dmg per point mana 45 Spell immunity passive

Level 2 Summoner's Scales Scales surrounds nearby friendly summons increasing their armor. +10 armor aura

Coming soon


The Dragon Princess' house location is south of the Temple of Seven.

Class Items

Diuna's Daemonic Orb (level 200 req) (Ultimate)

Afelia (level 350 req) (Ultimate)

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