Req. Level 150
Type Exquisite

+2250 Stats
+20000 Life
+100 Life Regeneration/sec


Athletics, Wind, Nature Heal, Flame, Chilling Touch, Purge


Fireball: x2 Intelligence Damage (Sorceress)
Tornadoes: x2 Intelligence Damage (Sorceress)
Pheonix Blast: x2 Intelligence Damage (Sorceress)
Firebolt: x2 Intelligence Damage (Wizard)
Chain Lightning: x2 Intelligence Damage (Wizard)
Arcanic Lightning: Double Intelligence Damage (Arcanic Mage)


How to Obtain

Fusion:Water + Air + Earth + Fire + Ice + Lightning
= Elemental


Elemental + Orb of Death + Orb of Life + Celestial Orb of Souls(300 souls) + Ultima + Fusion Stone
= Lifestream Elemental

Love's Tear + Ultimate Orb of Evil + Orb of Oblivion + Ultima + Elemental + Fusion Stone
= Holy War

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