Fallen Angel's Set
Req. Level 350

Fallen Angel's Set:
+8000 Strength
+3750 Agility
+3750 Intelligence
+200000 Life
+300 Life Regeneration/sec
+100 Armor
+50% Spell Reduction


Max Athletics: 1000 Despair: Dispell Wings: Teleportation Fire: 500/sec Infernal Legion: Summon Legion Diablo's Fury, Cleave, 20% Critical Strike: 7%x3


Finger of Death: +50k Damage (Necromancer, Death)


Fallen Angel's Set
Req. Level 350
Type Set

I have fallen against a dictator whos will was unchanged and out of control for eons... I have fallen to the depths and banished from my home. I am the Angel who only soughts to return to his rightful home...


+5500 Stats
+100 hp/sec regen
max speed
+100 armor
+150k hp
+50% Spell Damage Reduction


Infernal Legion
Diablo's Fury
Cleave Mastery
Evasion 30%


Finger of Death: +50k Damage(Necromancer, Death)



The set, with the true sight ability, is useful for locating the Pillars of Light during the Evil Main Quest. The ability is also helpful when looking for where to dig in the Black Citadel dungeon (under the shades)

The set also works as a reuseable key for most of the doors in Hell, whether it is equipped on the Hero or in the backpack.

How to Obtain

Fusion:Diablo's Set + Demon Sword of Diablo + Essence of Diablo + Fusion Stone
=Fallen Angel's Set

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