Glorious Boots of the Gods
Req. Level 50
Req. Attribute 2000 Agl

The Glorious Boots were forged long before the Great War, long before anything.


+3000 Agility


Blink: Quick Teleport
Evasion: 30%
Boots of the Gods Aura: Heal 550/sec + Max Athletics


Killer Instinct: Agility x2
Power Shot: Agility x2


2000 Agility


How to Obtain

Requirements: Golden Boots , Base Agility 2000+

  1. Equip the Golden Boots Go to Runner in the Desert, South of the Temple of the Almighty
  2. Follow the Runner; he travels:
    1. The cave entrance to the Darkhaven/Bandit Fortress mines, to the West of Darkhaven
    2. The bridge South of the fishing store in the Desert, to the South-West of Darkhaven, and leading to the rogue wizards camp
    3. Past the gate to the West of the rogue wizard camp, down South and near the fiery area,
    4. To the South-West of Fire Mountain near the Obelisk
    5. to the bandit camp in the southeast of the Desert.
    6. To the beach just southwest of the Desert Town. At this point he gives you the Glorious Boots of the Gods as a reward.