The entrance to the Golden Circle building

The Guild of the Golden Circle is located in Fira, west of Fira Castle, near the farms. The guild master will send you out to do some tasks for various rewards. Stepping in the golden area in the Western room will provide EXP or Gold based on the hero's level.


  1. Talk to guild master Sentarus and join the guild
  2. Your first task is to bring supplies to the church of Fira. Put them in your bag and enter the church.
    • Reward: 250 Gold
  3. Return to Sentarus
  4. Bring the pack horse to Ramoria.
    • Reward: 750 Gold
  5. Return to Sentarus
  6. Slay all undead in Fira Cave.
    • Reward: 1,000 Gold
  7. Return to Sentarus
  8. Slay all undead in Firian Graveyard.
    • Reward: 2,000 Gold
  9. Return to Sentarus
  10. Investigate the Firian Church - Defeat Abyssinal inside the Firian Church.
    • Reward: 5,000 gold
  11. Head to the Northern Mountains, break the ice with Song of Fira, and open the lockbox to obtain the Icy Staff. Return to Sentarus with the staff equipped.
    • Reward:Icy Staff(Set of First Mage) + 1,000 Gold
  12. Slay all the Bandits in the Jungle - Just right-side from God of Tree.
    • Reward: 1,500 Gold
  13. Slay all the Bandits in the Northern Mountains.
    • Reward: 1,500 Gold
  14. Slay assassins north of Fira.
    • Reward 1,500 Gold
  15. Return to Sentarus
  16. Investigate the Firian Barn - Defeat the Bandits and its leader.
    • Reward: 1,500 Gold + 1,500 Exp
  17. Slay all Orcs who are looking for something - South east of the Dessert Village.
    • Reward: 1,500 Gold
  18. Slay all Orcs who are looking for something - Northen Mountains.
    • Reward: 1,500 Gold
  19. Slay all Orcs who are looking for something - Right-side of Alexandria Arena.
    • Reward: 1,500 gold + 1,000 exp
  20. Return to Sentarus
  21. Defeat Zorl located in Hordolian the Orc City.
  22. Return to Sentarus
  23. Talk to Sentarus about Real Estate (this may give you your house for free? Need to test with new character). Talk to him a second time to receive your next quest.
  24. Talk to the Queen of shadows in the thieves guild.
  25. Talk to the fence inside the Alexandria Tavern
  26. Lockpick the chest inside of Alexandria Mansion.
    • Reward: 7,500 gold + 1,000 thievery Exp + inside the chest
  27. Talk to the fence inside the Alexandria Tavern.
  28. Lockpick the chest inside the Smuggler's Tunnel and get the Evidence.
    • Reward: 1,000 thievery Exp + inside the chest.
  29. Talk to the fence inside the Alexandria Tavern.
  30. Talk to the Queen of Shadow in the thieves guild.
  31. Travel to the Ice Temple. Go right, past the Giant Scorpian and through the wall. Use song of fira to melt the ice and lockpick the chest to obtain the Ancient Key.
  32. End of quest at the moment.

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