Quest Data

Type: Good Quests
Active Reward: 500 Gold


Building... This is Quest data in war3map.j

call DisableTrigger(GetTriggeringTrigger())

call DestroyEffect(Gv[0])

call SetUnitFacingToFaceUnitTimed(f3,GetTriggerUnit(),1.)

call DisplayTimedTextToForce(Ge,6.,"|cff0000FFPress Spacebar to View.|r")

call ForForce(Ge,function a7e)

set Gv[0]=bj_lastCreatedEffect

call DisplayTextToForce(Ge,"+750 GP")

call ForForce(Ge,function a8e)

set aE=ecv(bj_mapInitialPlayableArea,Condition(function a9e))

call ForGroupBJ(aE,function nxe)

call DestroyGroup(aE)

call PauseUnit(GetTriggerUnit(),true)

call SetUnitInvulnerable(GetTriggerUnit(),true)

call DisplayTimedTextToForce(Ge,4.,"King - |cffffcc00Thank you for rescuing my villagers, I may have under estimated you.|r")

call TriggerSleepAction(4.)

call DisplayTimedTextToForce(Ge,8.,"Hero - |cffffcc00You may not believe what I have to say, but I was transported here three years from the future... I've come to warn you that this realm will fall!|r")

call TriggerSleepAction(7.)

call DisplayTimedTextToForce(Ge,5.,"Antonidas - |cffffcc00The future, that is nonsense! Your Grace, with all my wisdom and power such a claim is impossible!|r")

call TriggerSleepAction(5.)

call DisplayTimedTextToForce(Ge,5.,"Hero - |cffffcc00I am not sure how, I cannot remember but I'm telling the truth.|r")

call TriggerSleepAction(5.)

call DisplayTimedTextToForce(Ge,7.,"Antonidas - |cffffcc00Your grace, this is not the time to argue about such a claim. I am sensing that something terrible approaches the city.|r")

call TriggerSleepAction(7.)

call DisplayTimedTextToForce(Ge,6.,"Antonidas - |cffffcc00It is an army of the undead my King. They have amassed outside our castle walls.|r")

call TriggerSleepAction(6.)

call DisplayTimedTextToForce(Ge,6.,"King - |cffffcc00Hero you say you are here to stop this, then by the Almighty I pray that you are right.|r")

call TriggerSleepAction(6.)

call SetUnitInvulnerable(GetTriggerUnit(),false)

call PauseUnit(GetTriggerUnit(),false)

call QuestSetCompleted(gv[0],true)

call CreateQuestBJ(0,"UNDEADvsHUMAN","TRIGSTR_061","ReplaceableTextures\\CommandButtons\\BTNAmbush.blp")

set gv[0]=bj_lastCreatedQuest

call QuestMessageBJ(Ge,1,"QUEST -You are from the Future, and you and Antonidas agree something evil approaches the City. Go join some knights at the front gate!


call DisplayTextToForce(eQv(Condition(function noe)),"|cffff0000 You have Gained 500gp for Activating Trigger Quest |r")

call AdjustPlayerStateBJ(500,GetOwningPlayer(GetTriggerUnit()),PLAYER_STATE_RESOURCE_GOLD)

call RemoveLocation(wE)

set wE=GetRectCenter(kN)

call PingMinimapLocForForce(Ge,wE,10.)

call TriggerSleepAction(5.)

call EnableTrigger(lM)