From the main entrance of Dark Haven, head to the bandit cave to the east. Inside, go up and it's the building to the right.


Mission #1:

You are asked to find a cow slave who escaped. He is located at the entrance to the cave that leads to the spectre reagion (blue ping on map)

Mission #2:

Time to go look for a bandit who stole gold. Ping again and head to the blue zone in the desert. Find him, slay him.

Mission #3:

The guild master wants you to head to Alexandria to kill a priest in the church garden.

Mission #4:

Next task is to slay a noble located at Fira Inn. Head to Fira, then west to the inn. He's in front.

Mission #5:

You are required to assassinate 4 captains, one after the other. Follow the lead:

  1. Captain at Ramoria farm
  2. South entrance of Alexandria
  3. South of Fira, in the field
  4. South-east in the desert, blue ping for zone

And that's it. You will get the Ancient Key to enter the Ancient Ruins.

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