This is a six string Acoustic Guitar similar to the one your already have.


How to Obtain

Picklock a lockbox in Fira city near musician.

How to Use

Play music you have learned from musician (Final speech have code) and get reward.

Code Example: 9-6-9-2-9-1-2-9 (Song Of Fira)

How to Play:

Click on the Notes to play the different sounds. Complete the right sequence of notes to play a Song. A songs magical powers will only be activated when the Speechcraft of the player is high enough. If you mess up a song, simply wait a moment and restart the song.

Guitar code and hotkey

Code Note Hotkey Sound
1 C (Low) Q Download   Play
2 D W
3 E E
4 F R
5 G A
6 A (High) S
7 B D
8 C (High) F
9 A (Low) Z
See Songs for more information about songs.

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