The house locations for the heroes are as follows.

Arcane Mage

Northern Mountains next to the Lightning Obelisk.
Arcane House

Entrance to Arcane Mage's House


Southeast of Fire Mountain, North of Vampire Den.
Assassin House

Entrance to Assassin's House

Demon Hunter

In the Southwest corner of Ramoria.
Demon House

Entrance to Demon Hunter's House

Elemental Sorceress

North of Fire Mountain.
Sorc House

Entrance to Elemental Sorcerss' House.


Inside the Ramoria Graveyard
Necromancer House

Entrance to Necromancer's House


Directly south of Temple of Almighty.
Paladin House

Entrance to Paladin's House


Inside Fira's Castle. Top Room
Ranger House

Entrance to Ranger's House.


South of the Temple of Seven
Summoner House

Entrance to Summoner's House


Inside Fira's Castle. Left room.
Warrior House

Entrance to Warrior's House


To the right of the church in the Dark Forest.
Wizard House

Entrance to the Wizard's House.


Inside of Fira's Castle. Bottom room.

Garicus House

Entrance to the General's House

Death Knight

A Cave in the Northeast of the Ancient Daemonic Temple region.

Death House

Entrance to the Death Knight's house


A desert temple northwest of the Thieves Guild. You dig up the vampire's soul in a Strange Vial at the question mark right outside.

Vampire House-0

Entrance to the Vampire's House

Dark Lord

Inside the Darkhaven Cavern, to the Northeast. You dig up the Letter to the Dark Lord right outside the entrance.

Dark Lord House

Entrance to the Dark Lord's house.

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