Hydra King
Level 200
Type Dungeon Boss
Mana 14,756
Strength 5179+3000
Agility 6475+6800
Intelligence 5378+2000
Primary Attribute Agility
Damage 6476+9550
Armor 265+68
Attack Type Elemental
Armor Type Demon
Attack Range Melee

Summon Tentacles, Anti-Magic Shell


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The Hydra King is the final boss in the Water Temple.


The Hydra King is invincible to start the battle. His area is filled with Water Guardians which respawn, and 3 Hydraeks. All 3 Hydraeks must be killed in order to make the Hydra King vulnerable. He can be lured out of the water so that melee fighters can easily surround him. He will summon several Tentacles to attack the heroes. He also casts anti-magic shell on himself.