Key of Eternity (3/3)
Type Quest Item

The last inscription reads..."Under a Mountain of Fire and Lava. where the Golden Goddess Glows I will await a Hero of worth."

Quest: Travel to Fire Mountain and Collect your reward from the golden statue.


How to Obtain

  1. Get the Letter from the Trader
  2. Travel to Alexandria and talk to the female farmer in the northeast part of town. You must be aligned with the Kingdom for the quest to activate.
  3. Travel to the Dark Forest and dig in the floating crates (See image below) with a free inventory slot to receive the Key of Eternity
  4. The second piece is located north of Fira, in the Northern Mountains. There is a snowman in the northwest part of it, just dig under it with the first part equipped. The first part will transform into Key of Eternity (2/3). A pack of zombies will spawn once you dig it up.
  5. For the last piece you will need a ship or a dragon. It is located south of the entrance to the forgotten cave, west of the hell portal. Again you will have to fight when you dug it up. Your Key will transfrom into Key of Eternity (3/3)
Key of Eternity3

Use Pickaxe Beneath the Statue

Key of Eternity1

Use Pickaxe on the bubbles between the Crates.

Key of Eternity2

Use Pickaxe Beneath The Snowman



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