Killah's Daemonic Stone
Killah's Daemonic Stone
Req. Level 200
Type Ultimate

A magical stone of the Daemonic Black Sky, said to enhance the power of the stars and space.


+3555 Agilty
+2750 Intelligence
+2950 Strength
+150 Life Regeneration
+65K Life Bonus




Comet: (Agility x2) + Intelligence
Demon Wave: Agility x2
Demon Storm: Agility x2


What is it:

Ultimate Class Item for Daemonic Demon Hunter

How to Obtain:

You can obtain this item once you reach level 150 at the golden statue in the black citadel. You still need to be level 200 to wear it though.

See Black Citadel (Part 1 - 9)


Upgraded to Azela in Ancient Ruins.

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