King Daemonic's Set
Req. Level 360
Type Set

+5000 Stats
+200000 Life
+180 Armor
+200 Life Regeneration/sec
+75 Mana Regeneration/sec
+50% Spell Reduction


Legendary Blast: Daemonic Sword
Summon Daemonic Angels: 5
Summon Daemonic Dragon: Transport
Critical Strike: 10% chance to deal 3x Damage
Evasion: 15%
Thorns: 10%
Athletics: 1000
Immolation: 1500 Dmg/sec



Said to grant true Daemonic Power, the bearer shall be the weapon of the Daemonic and his presence eternal. You are Daemonic, neither Demon or Angel, but something greater.


One of the 5 Daemonic Angels the set can summon.

How to obtain

Tooltip Errors

As of v6.08 The Item itself lists evasion and crit as 20% (and crit as x4 dmg), but the ability lists 15% evasion and 10% crit x3 dmg. The summon tooltips show 4 on both but actually summon 5.