Legendary Daemonic Sword
Legendary Daemonic Sword 6
Req. Level 300
Type Right Handed or Left Handed

The Legendary Blade is renewed and the Hero reborn. Deep within you sense the true meaning of your destiny


+4750 Damage
+2250 Stats


Critical strike: 15% chance to deal x4
Daemonic Blast: Stats Damage/sec
Duration: 6


How to Obtain

Fusion:Ultimate Daemonic Sword of Life + Celestial Orb of Souls(250) + Fusion Stone
= Legendary Daemonic Sword

Ultimate Daemonic Sword of Death + Celestial Orb of Souls(250) + Fusion Stone
= Legendary Daemonic Sword

250 Souls for Legendary Daemonic Sword in version 5.74 and Req. Level is 275.

as of 6.00 level requirement has been upped to 300


Legendary Daemonic Sword + Book of Switching Wields = Switches Daemonic Sword from Right to Left handed and vice-versa

Prismatic Amulet of the One + Legendary Daemonic Sword + Nagator's Soul + Essence of the Almighty + Essence of Diablo + Fusion Stone
= Weapon of the One

Daemonic's Dragon Ring + Legendary Daemonic Sword + King Daemonic's Cape + King Daemonic's Battle Armor + King Daemonic's Helm + Fusion Stone
=King Daemonic's Set

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