Loves Tear
Req. Level 300
Type Exquisite

The Realm is safe and all that is left of her is a memory.


+3500 Stats
+75000 Life
+200 Mana Regen


Absolute Silence: Cast to stop all forms of attack.


How to Obtain

Finish Good Main Quest


Love's Tear + Ultimate Orb of Evil + Orb of Oblivion + Ultima + Elemental + Fusion Stone
= Holy War

Love's Tear + Ultimate Orb of Evil + Essence of the Almighty + Essence of Diablo + Daemonic Helm + Fusion Stone = Daemonic Visor of the One

Antonidas's Willpower + Love's Tear + Gem of Eternity + Ultima + Fusion Stone
= Infinitas     *Fuse it in Fira Castle*

Other Uses

Used by Daemonic Heroes and the General to evolve.

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