A Lumber Mill, or Bandit Mill, is a purchasable merchant that serves as a drop-off point for lumber. They can be purchased from an Advisor or Unholy Priest for 25,000g.


  • Improved Lumber Harvesting - Improves the amount of lumber peasants can carry by 5 per level. - 500g x Level
  • Gold Coins - Turns Lumber into Gold at a 2 Lumber : 1 Gold ratio. Increments: 500g, 10,000g, 100,000g
  • Train Peasant - Trains a worker unit that can harvest lumber. Max peasants: 10 - 10,000g
  • Build Shredder - Trains a Shredder, a unit much faster than a Peasant that can harvest 400 lumber at a time. - 100,000g 50,000 Lumber
  • Hire Nic the Builder - Hires Nic the Builder to build things - 10,000 Lumber

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