How to Obtain

In Hell, in the area with the Infernals there is a portal surrounded by fire. Douse the flames with a Song, and enter the portal. Kill Ahl-Goreh inside the cave to receive the amulet

Mysterious Amulet

1) This amulet has the symbol of the Tower of the Dead.
2) This amulet has the symbol of a Dragon's Cave.


25 Caeruleus Stones (50 Speechcraft)



  • Bring the Mysterious Amulet to the portal in the Abandoned Cave to spawn a series of zombies. Defeating them will yield the Key of Sevens 2.
  • Bring the Mysterious Amulet to the Tower of the Dead to respawn Ahl-Goreh. Defeating him will yield the Key of Sevens 6.


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