Level 400
Type Boss
HP 11 158 600
Mana 39960
Strength 49930 +8000
Agility 36945 +4000
Intelligence 15980 +4000
Primary Attribute Strength
Damage 89931 - 89931 +10750
Armor 569 +165
Attack Type Unholy
Armor Type Demon
Damage Reduction 94%

Daemonic Cuirass of Power,Orb of Oblivion,Nagator's Soul,Daemonic Gauntlets of Strength and Demon Crystal


Thorns of Oblivion

Nagator is the final boss of the Temple of the Keys. He is extremely powerful, and drops some of the rarest items in the game


Nagator has Reincarnate, which will resurrect him if he has not been resurrected within 5 minutes, making defeating him extremely difficult. He will become invincible and summon minions to his side occasionally. If these aren't killed within a certain time limit, he will regain some health. He will often summon 2 clones of himself. These clones take extra damage, so an AOE spell will make it clear which is the real Nagator.