Nocturnus the Boss of the Vampire Den. He is fought during the Good Main Quest.

Level 65
Type 1439+625
HP 181,860
Mana 2,026
Strength 1118+725
Agility 1438+225
Intelligence 788+225
Primary Attribute Agility
Damage 1439+625
Armor 64+102.3
Attack Type Hero
Armor Type Demon
Attack Range Melee


Nocturnus will say that the water here is deadly and cast a spell that causes damage over several small areas all over the screen. Avoid these if possible. He will say that he needs to feed, at which point he will teleport to the ledge on the left side. At this point, he will start healing so hit the lever in the Southwest corner as soon as possible to bring him back. He will summon units to aid him during the fight.


Nocturnus's Heart