Strength: 18+13 (6505 max)

Agility: 13+7 (3506 max)

Intelligence: 9+7 (3502 max)

Life: 1400

Mana: 18

Starting damage: 101

ROLES: Tank, Healer, Support

Description: The paladin doesn't have too much damage capacity, but he is almost impossible to kill if played properly, and the support he can offer allies is insanely powerful if you get a good sized group together. Not only can the paladin heal, but he can make the entire party invincible or render all enemies unable to attack for a long duration. A good paladin makes a great addition to any group.


  • Best tank in the game
  • One of the only 2 healers in the game
  • Massive armor boost to party members
  • Big bad voodoo and heaven's cloud can make the party unkillable
  • Summons help to augment mediocre melee damage


  • Low damage output (especially without summons)
  • Hard to farm souls
  • Needs a group to make full use of his abilities
  • low mana pool at early levels
  • Melee hero. Can't reach enemies stuck in trees, and vulnerable to thorns and cleave. PLEASE watch out for cleave. 


(note that cooldowns get longer as you level the skills)

Healing Wave

Sends a wave of holy light which seals wounds and heals allies. The initial blast will apply a strength bonus to the heal. (works like chain lightning, but for healing).

FORMULA: (1000hp x ability level) +(2x strength)

MANA COSTS: Levels 1=8mp, 10=298, 20=808, 30=1700, 35= 2200, 100=2500

Review: Healing wave is your bread and butter skill as a paladin. It will keep you, your summons, and your team mates alive in the harder fights. Getting this at level 1 will greatly improve your survivability. You want to be sure you don't level this skill so much that it's overhealing you, because then you're wasting mana. If you level it too much at lower levels, you may not even be able to cast it. After level 35 the mana cost stays pretty much the same, so it's just a matter of balancing it with your damage spells.


Paladin uses holy light to smite enemies of the faith.

  • FORMULA: (750 x ability level) + (2x strength)
  • MANA COSTS: levels 1=10mp, 10=145mp, 35=530mp, 54=1000mp, 100=3300mp

Review: Smite is a single target damage ability. It's not very impressive until you get your ultimate item, and you'll probably want to focus more on heavenly rain for the aoe. However, it's low cooldown and low mana cost make it ideal for picking off lone enemies or adding an extra punch against a boss. Once your paladin hits level 150, Syzyx's halo can make this spell a lot more powerful and useful for bossing. Mana cost is more linear than healing wave, and unlikely to cause a problem. From level 1-35 it increases by 15 mana per level, from 35 to 54 it increases by 25 mana per level, and from 54 to 100 it increases by 50 mana per level.

Aura of the blessed

Gives additional armor to nearby friendly units.

  • FORMULA: (1 x ability level) Caps at level 90 with 90 armor.

Review: Aura of the blessed is a great support skill, offering increased damage mitigation to yourself, your summons, and all of your allies. You should have at least 1 point in every other skill before getting this, because that's more useful than 1 armor. After that however, pump points into Aura of the blessed whenever you find the mana cost of your spells getting too high. Every bit of armor helps you stay alive longer.

Heavenly Rain

Calls forth the heavens to inflict punishment upon the hero's enemies in two waves.

  • FORMULA: 2 waves of (250 x ability level) + (strength).
  • MANA COSTS: levels 1=20mp, 15=300, 25=600, 35=1100, 100=4000

Review: Targeted AOE damage. The mana cost can be a bit steep at early levels, so try not to level it too quickly. It's 1st level costs 20 mana, which is more than you have at level 1, so don't pick this as your starting skill. This will be your only AOE for a while, so be sure to find a proper balance between power and mana cost. It's cooldown is pretty short, so spam it as needed. Mana cost goes up by 20mp from level 1-15, 30mp from 16-25, and 50mp from 26-90 where it caps at 4000 mana.


The power of light swarms the paladin, increasing his power and abilities; however, there is a dark taint to these incredible abilities.



A shield of pure energy surrounds the hero, protecting it from all damage and spells.

  • Duration: 10 seconds. Cooldown: 70 seconds. Mana Cost: 300mana

Review: This is your panic button, use this to flee from a fight gone wrong or just to dish out some punishment without worrying about your health. Used properly, you can take on some of the toughest bosses by combining this skill with a few others you get later on.

BLESSED (level 1)

Blessed from the Heavens, the paladin does more damage.

  • PASSIVE: Damage +10%

Review: Baseline damage buffs are always useful, but it doesn't really help the paladin's dps too much.


ANGELIC CALL (level 1)

Summons 1 angel to aid the paladin in combat

  • Summons: 1 Angel
  • STATS: 6,750hp, 10 armor, 301 dmg, 250 range. (Holy armor, Holy Dmg). 
  • Evasion: 30%
  • Spell immunity
  • Duration: 45 seconds. Cooldown: 30 seconds. Mana Cost: 350mana

Review: This summon help you augment your own mediocre damage, make use of him whenever you can (unless you're hunting souls). The downside is that this guys has a summon duration, so you have to make sure to resummon him every 45 seconds.  These guys have spell immunity and can't be banished, but some of the the later angels don't have spell immunity.



Turns all friendly units invulnerable in an area around the paladin.

  • Duration: 35 seconds. Cooldown: 180 seconds. Mana Cost: 600mana

Review: this skill is great when fighting in teams or with a bunch of summons. Simply activate the skill to keep your teammates safe and tank the damage. When your health starts getting low, run back a bit and activate divine shield so you can heal up with healing wave. At later levels this skill even turns you invincible for a while as well. The personal invincibility stays even if the ally portion of the skill is canceled, so it can work like a second divine shield.



Summons a Demon and binds him to the paladin.

  • Summons: 1 Demon
  • STATS: 10,000 hp, 20 armor, 501 dmg, 300 range. (Holy Dmg, Heavy armor).

Review: This summon is permanent and costs no mana. Unless you're farming souls, you should always have him around for extra damage. beware of enemies that can banish units, as they'll make your demon summons useless.


BLESSED (level 2)

Blessed from the Heavens, the paladin does more damage.

  • PASSIVE: Damage +15%


Summon Daemons from the underworld which bind to the Hero's will.

  • Summons: 2 Daemonic Demons
  • STATS: 50,000 hp, 60 armor, 2001 dmg, 400 range. (Holy dmg, Hero armor).
  • Abilities: Critical strike- 20% chance to do 2x damage.
  • Evasion- 30%
  • Cooldown: 160 seconds

HEAVEN'S CLOUD (level 1)

The units while under the cloud cannot attack or cast spells of any kind. Use this to protect yourself and your allies in times of great need

  • Attacks Prevented: Melee, Ranged, Special, Spells.
  • Area of Effect: 400
  • Duration: 30 seconds. Cooldown: 90 seconds. Mana Cost: 1500mana

Review: Probably my favorite paladin ability. This renders even the toughest bosses helpless. Try using this combo for fights when you have a lot of summons or allies to deal damage. Kingdom's cloud, divine blessing, (divine shield if needed), Kingdom's cloud. Depending on the fight, you can have everyone run out of range before the effect wears off so the boss won't target them. Then use divine shield to wail on him yourself while the cooldowns finish.



A shield of pure energy surrounds the hero, protecting it from all damage and spells.

  • Duration: 20 seconds. Cooldown: 70 seconds. Mana Cost: 250mana

ANGELIC CALL (level 2)

Summons two guardian angels to aid the paladin. The angels deal huge amounts of damage for a duration of time before ascending back to heaven.

  • STATS: 82,500 hp, 60 armor, 5251 damage, 250 range. (Holy dmg, holy armor). 
  • Mana cost: 2000 mana
  • Abilities: Slow, Cyclones, 20% Crit x2, Cleave 10%, Evasion 30%
  • Duration: 45 Seconds. Cooldown: 90 seconds. Mana cost: 2000 mana

WHITE LIGHT (level 1)

Completely heals all wounds in an instant.

  • Life Healed: 100%
  • Mana cost: 1500. Cooldown: 150 seconds.



Turns everyone around the hero invulnerable. This time however, the paladin also turns invulnerable for 20 seconds.

  • Duration: 35 seconds ally, 20 seconds self. Cooldown: 180 seconds. Mana Cost: 1000 mana.

THORNS AURA (level 1)

An aura that gives nearby units a damage shield, that reflects an enemies attack back at it.

  • PASSIVE: 15% dmg reflect aura.

REVIEW: This is good when paired with other tanks or summons. Some bosses will deal immense damage to themselves in the process of killing off summons with thorns aura.

BUG: level 1 aura only only does 10% reflect. tooltip is wrong.


HEAVEN'S CLOUD (level 2)

The units while under the cloud cannot attack or cast spells of any kind. Use this to protect yourself and your allies in times of great need

  • Attacks Prevented: Melee, Ranged, Special, Spells.
  • Area of Effect: 600
  • Duration: 45 seconds. Cooldown: 90 seconds. Mana Cost: 2500 mana.


Summons a golden pillar from the heavens to bless all those around with powerful auras.

  • Thorns Aura 15%, Mystic Aura (HP regen), Fearless Aura (15% dmg), Brilliance Aura (Mana Regen), Sentinel's Aura (20% trueshot)
  • Duration: 30 seconds. Cooldown: 90 seconds. Mana Cost: 2000 mana.

Review: This a great support ability. Providing both damage and regeneration. However, thorns aura is worthless since you all ready have it, and it would be nice if the ability lasted longer.



Summon Daemons from the underworld which bind to the Hero's will.

  • Summons: 3 Ancient Demon Lords
  • STATS: 175,000 hp, 100 armor, 4851 dmg, 400 range. (holy dmg, Demon armor).
  • Abilities: 20% Crit x2, Evasion 30%
  • Cooldown: 150 seconds.

WHITE LIGHT (level 2)

Completely heals all wounds in an instant.

  • Life Healed: 100%
  • Cooldown: 120 seconds. Mana cost: 2500.

THORNS AURA (level 2)

Grows tiny thorns on nearby friendly players, which returns a percent of the damage from melee attacks back to the attacker.

  • PASSIVE: 15% dmg reflect aura.


Call down the power of heaven to smite those unworthy with an ultimate blast of heavenly power

  • DAMAGE FORMULA: 4 waves of (3x strength)
  • Cooldown: 80 seconds.  Mana Cost: 3500 mana.

Review: wrath of heaven deals immense AOE damage, and is your most damaging spell available. If combined with God's set or divine set, the damage is doubled and can easily take out Diablos infernals if you have high strength bonuses. Also very useful against Nagator's zombies.


BLESSED (level 3)

Blessed from the Heavens, the paladin does more damage.

  • PASSIVE: Damage +20%

ANGELIC CALL (level 3)

Complete devotion to the realm of heaven is complete, and the paladin has been blessed with the ability to summon an almighty element.

  • STATS: 2,000,000 hp, 155 armor, 35026 dmg, melee range. (holy dmg, holy armor).
  • Abilities: Resistant Skin, Immune to certain status effects.
  • BASH 2.5% chance to stun for 1-2 seconds.
  • Critical strike 20% chance to do 2x damage.
  • Cleave 10% cleave
  • Duration: 60 seconds. Cooldown: 90 seconds.  Mana cost: 3000


The Paladin's house location is south of the Temple of Almighty.


Sizyx's Halo (level 200 req) (Ultimate)

Tyronus (level 350 req) (Ultimate)

Evolution Location

Take a level 400 Paladin with Love's Tear to Temple of Almighty, on the eastern side of the desert to transform into Mystic Angel.

  • Note that your level will be reset to 1, so make sure your bank has room for the items you were carrying*