Pirate Relic 3

A lost relic of a great pirate.


Collect all 4 pieces of the pirate's relic and fusion them together.


How to obtain

  • You first need a treasure ship from pirate's cove to obtain Pirate relic 3/4. It is located off the Eastern coast of the mainland (Across from the good human Desert city) on the shores of the Orc Encampment. It's inside a fishing spot in between two rock formations and a destroyed boat. Use the treasure ship's "Treasure Hunt" ability on the bubbles coming up from the water and you should obtain the Pirate Relic 3.
  • or see the picture below for an accurate point
Pirate Relic 3 bubble spot

Travel to North East of Desert's Mining Town To find this bubble spot.


Pirate Relic 1 + Pirate Relic 2 + Pirate Relic 3 + Pirate Relic 4 + Fusion stone = Blacks Pirate's Hat