The evolved form of the Arcane Mage.

AriesX: "This lightning... what is this sensation? It is the Raegnarok. Calling for me deep within my soul. I am the Raegnarok!"




Strength: 15+10 (4005 max)

Agility: 10+8 (3202 max)

Intelligence: 40+18 (7222 max)

Starting Life: 1640

Starting Mana: 80

Starting Damage: 91

Roles: Caster, Burst Damage, Mana Tank

Description: The reagnarok does more damage and has more tanking ability then the Arcane Mage, but loses what little utility he had. His only remaining utility spell is teleport.


  • Overall increased stats
  • Gains the raegnarok ability. Improving non manashield tanking and slightly increasing damage.
  • Even more passive Mana regen
  • Stronger Spells


  • His only summon
  • One levelable Aoe Skill
  • Dispel
  • Invisibility


Raegnarok Transform

Raegnarok transformed.


Overcharges the manifestation of arcanic dust creating a massive arcanic blast which will blast away enemies and leave non Hero units stunned for 3 seconds.

Formula: (1000 x ability level) +(2.5 x Intelligence)

Mana Costs: Levels 1=15mp, 10=150mp, 20=300mp, 30=450mp, 40=600mp, 50=900mp, 60=1300mp, 70=1800mp, 80=2300mp, 90=3100mp, 100=4000mp

Review: Strong firebolt like ability with a better intelligence bonus than the equivalent skill on the Pheonix of Gaia, although the stun is a bit shorter. This skill is great for bossing and strong single targets.


Explode with arcanic power in this magical nova that will devastate opponents with its magical shards, exploding in a wave.

Formula: (750 x ability level) +(2 x Intelligence)

Mana Costs: Levels 1=20mp, 10=200mp, 20=400mp, 30=600mp, 40=880mp, 50=1350mp, 60=1850mp, 70=2350mp, 80=2850mp, 90=3350mp, 100=4000mp

Review: This skill is a decent AOE spell, but it's weaker than both of AOE skills the Pheonix of Gaia brings to the table.


A shield Surrounds the Arcane Mage, using up his Mana instead of his Health to take damage.

FORMULA:Damage Absorbed per Mana Point: 15+ (Ability level)

Review: Exactly the same as the Arcane Mage, and still one of your best skills. This skill caps at 100 damage per point of mana. Remember that Mana shield doesn't take armor into consideration when you take damage, so stock up on mana regen.


Transform into the fabled Raegnarok, whose power has never been witnessed before now. Raegnarok, the first of his kind. A pure essence of a magical daemonic with overflowing mana and strength. The Hero will continue to learn enabling him to transform for longer durations and becoming more powerful.


(25 Strength x ability level)

(25 Intelligence x Ability level)

(2000 Life x Ability Level)

MANA COSTS: Levels 1=100mp, 10=1000mp, 20=2000mp, 30=3000mp, 40=4000mp, 50=4500mp, 60=5000mp, 70=5000mp, 80=0 mp

DURATION: Level 1 = 20 seconds, Level 80 = 180 seconds

Cooldown: level 1 = 120 seconds, Level 80 = 220 seconds

Review: Similar the the Pheonix ability, this skill provides flat bonuses. However, Raegnarok provides much more life and strength, while providing less than half the intelligence. Normally this would be a good trade off, but the extra life doesn't matter much, since you should be using mana shield almost all of the time anyway. At low levels the duration/cooldown ratio is worse than Pheonix, but at max level it is significantly longer. Personally I like the Pheonix ability better for the pure damage output.

Daemonic Raegnarok's Magic

The Raegnarok's essence swells with arcanic power from the great realms. Growing in power the Raegnarok will unlock the secrets lost to the magic races eons ago.

Level 1:


The Raegnarok's magic is now passed onto himself and others, granting an aura of mana regeneration.

PASSIVE: +30 mana/ sec

Review: If this were truly an aura, it would be a definitive upgrade versus the Pheonix. But as it is, the extra mana regen comes at the cost of this skill being self only. Still very useful though, especially for soloing.

TOOLTIP ERROR: The skills states this is an aura. Testing shows it to be self only.

Level 2:


The Raegnaroks magic increases and so does the power to regenerate himself and his allies' mana.

PASSIVE: +50 mana/ sec

TOOLTIP ERROR: The skills states this is an aura. Testing shows it to be self only.


Explodes a ball of cosmic energy into the air damaging all nearby enemies. The blast will damage mana equal to the intelligence of the hero (excluding bonuses). This spell ignores spell immunity.

FORMULA: (Intelligence x2)

Cooldown: 12 seconds. Range 450

Review: Same as Arcane Mage. Short cooldown and no mana cost! Great spammable ability. Though it's damage is low since it doesn't get intelligence bonuses.


Raegnarok's magic is ultimate. When white magic is released into the air it will target a unit causing massive intelligence damage.

FORMULA: (Intelligence x3)

Review: A decent bossing skill for late game. This one seems to take intelligence bonuses.

Level 3:


Creates a barrier that stops spells from affecting a target unit.

Duration: 10 seconds. Mana Cost 500.

Review: same as arcane mage. Bit of a pain to be casting every 10 seconds. Still can be useful against some of the hard hitting spells if you know they're coming.

Level 4:


The Raegnarok's magic is overwhelming, causing the hero and other surrounding allies to gain from its power.

PASSIVE: +75 mana/ sec

TOOLTIP ERROR: The skills states this is an aura. Testing shows it to be self only.


Calls down arcanic lightning from the heavens to disintegrate enemies in 5 massive waves.

FORMULA: (intelligence x2) per wave. 5 waves.

Mana Cost: 2500mp

Review: Same as Arcane mage, but it upgrades later. Does great damage, but a bit pricey at low levels.

Level 5:


The Raegnarok's magic continues to grow and powers himself and his allies mana massively.

PASSIVE: +125 mana/ sec

TOOLTIP ERROR: The skills states this is an aura. Testing shows it to be self only.


Summons a giant portal which casts out arcanic souls to devour the hero's foes. The portal will withstand without the channeling of its master, causing intelligance damage to nearby units.

FORMULA: (intelligence x1) per wave.

Duration: 4. Cooldown: 50. Range: 500

Mana Cost: 4000mp

Review: Costs a lot of mana for early levels, and has a long cooldown. But it does decent aoe damage late game, and you don't have to channel it. use it whenever available against bosses and their summons, or just to clear out some mobs when everything else is on cooldown.

Level 6:


The Raegnarok becomes enraged and casts his anger in all directions causing him to hit 3 opponents at once.

PASSIVE: Multishot 3

Review: Exactly the same as the Arcane Mage's Multispell, but with a different tooltip. Hitting more enemies is always fun.

Level 7:


The Raegnarok's power is uncontrollable, increasing mana regeneration for himself and other nearby units.

PASSIVE: +175 mana/ sec

TOOLTIP ERROR: The skills states this is an aura. Testing shows it to be self only.

ARCANIC STORM (magic storm upgrade)

Mastering the power of the arcane, the raegnarock unleashes a rage of lightning within an area, destroying all in its path. The storm lasts for six waves and deals devastating damage.

FORMULA: (intelligence x2) per wave. 6 waves.

Mana Cost: 3525mp


Creates energies around the mage, causing damage to nearby enemies.

FORMULA: (intelligence x4)

Mana Cost: 1375

Review: Same as Arcane Mage. Good instant damage that doesn't cost too much.


Teleport to allied units and structures anywhere within Brenellia. If teleporting into dungeons or interiors you must target an allied Hero.

Cooldown: 45 seconds.

Review: Same as Arcane Mage. real handy for moving around. especially if you die during a boss fight and your friend is still alive. This initial level has a lengthy cast time that disappears when it upgrades.



The power of Raegnarok can only be described as legendary. Through massive magic he grants himself and allied units huge mana regeneration.

PASSIVE: +225 mana/ sec

TOOLTIP ERROR: The skills states this is an aura. Testing shows it to be self only.


Beams of arcanic energy come crashing down upon the Raegnarok's enemies, causing little damage at first until the massive final explosion.

FORMULA: (intelligence /2) leading up damage, (Intelligence x4) final explosion damage.

Mana Cost: 4500

Review: This skill does great damage and looks cool too. Though it does take a few seconds to finish off. use against bosses and hordes of strong enemies that your instant spells won't take out.


Calls forth an arcane armageddon to topple enemy units. This unleashes ultimate arcanic magic which penetrates through spell immunity, causing unimaginable intelligence damage.

FORMULA: Unknown

MANA COST: 7000mp

Review: Same as Arcane Mage. This does really high damage, but it also has a very long casting time and a long cooldown. If used at the wrong time, this could get you killed. But if you're being overwhelmed with high level mobs, it can take them all out if you're high enough on mana/hp to take the hits.

Level 9:


Mastering the magical power within, the Raegnarok grants himself and nearby units a massive mana regeneration.

PASSIVE: +275 mana/ sec

TOOLTIP ERROR: The skills states this is an aura. Testing shows it to be self only.

Level 10:

TELEPORTATION MASTERY (teleportation upgrade)

Instantly teleport to allied units and structures anywhere within Brenallia. If teleporting into dungeons or interiors, you must target an allied hero.

Cooldown: 20 seconds. Mana Cost: 2250mana


Raenarok's House location is in the Northern Mountains next to the Lightning Obelisk.

Class Items

AriesX's Aracanium (level 200 req) (Ultimate)

Ragicka (level 350 req) (Ultimate)

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