Level 400
Type Boss
HP 20 937 580
Mana 67 642
Strength 15379 +14250
Agility 11182 +14500
Intelligence 17571 +16250
Primary Attribute Intellegence
Damage 17572 - 17572 +16250
Armor 112 +145
Attack Type Unholy
Armor Type Hero
Damage Reduction 84%
Move Speed None (Unmovable)

Portal,spawns Undead Sand Crawler and Sand Golems


Chosen one's set,Ghul'eth'zul'mundae,Ultimate Orb of Evil and Elemental


Aura of Hermes and Thorns

Sandman is the Boss in Ancient Ruins. He is a very strong and non-movable boss and also drops high-leveled items. You need to destroy the Chains of Solitude to fight him.


Sandman has 3 skills and two of them spawns Undead Crawler and Sand Golem.

  • If Sandman says "Enter the portal Hero." there is gonna be a portal that teleports you into place mini-game like or spawns obelisk and a tower to hit you and give buff to himself, the portal can make you're mana to 0 and also the portal has a chance to do nothing.
  • The Flame area is the most dangerous area because the flame can one hit you (to be precise the flame damages about 500m base).
  • The Sand Golem area spawns about 30 of them(5 per 10 sec i think).
  • To escape the Flame area is wait in the middle of them and if the fire in the sides is gone go in the other middle and so on.
  • To escape the Sand Golem area is just survive for 1 minute.
  • Best weapon to kill him is the Daemonic Weapon of the One because of the bonuses of the Sword.
  • The Sand Golem's weakness is the Eternal Dust song.


Ghul'eth'zul'mundae (Guaranteed)

Demon Items

Divine items

High-Leveled Items



Chains of Solitude


Hall of Fire


Sand Golem Pit


Magical Pillar


Tower of Dust