Soul Orb
Soul Orb

Contains souls of strong enemies that have been slain.


Bring 100 Souls back to the Archaeologist within the Desert.
There are 5 Obelisks throughout the world that activate with 50 souls each in a specific order.
-Return 100 Souls & 10000 Gold to the Temple of Almighty in the Desert
-Fuse 250 Souls with your Ultimate Daemonic Sword
Note: This item does not save its stock


The Soul Orb is an item that will harvest souls of slain enemies. Whenever the hero has the item in his inventory and kills an enemy over Level 50, it will gain a charge. The quickest places to level it are floods above level 50. Fire Mountain , Black Citadel and Hell are all good. Despite what the description says, it does save its stock if held in a Bank. You don't need to equip it and kill monsters to get souls. Store it in your backpack instead. It accepts souls from monsters at level 100+.

How to Obtain