The Soulless One Quest is a short quest to summon and defeat the Soulless One is an optional boss in the Arena of the Gods.

Defeating the Soulless One gives players a chance to receive Ultima, an item used in many fusions.



Once you have 250 souls stacked up in the Celestial Orb of Souls, you will have to visit 5 obelisks in a specific order, offering each obelisk 50 souls at a time. The order is as follows:

  1. Northern Mountains - close to the Forgotten's Cave entrance
  2. Fire Mountain - to the right side of the Fire Lord's platform (use the dragon to get past the wall of flames, or remove it with the guitar -Songs)
  3. Temple of Evil - To the left of the Temple of Evil
  4. Ancient Daemonic City - near the gates to hell, just to the east of the previous obelisk.
  5. Sunken Ruins - south of the entrance to the Temple of the Keys. Go up to the entrance and just head south on the same hill, the last obelisk is there.

The last offering will give you a Ring of the Arena, and summon the Soulless One into the Arena of the Gods

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