Speechcraft skill is used to persuade people, and for Enchanting.


  • Collect and turn in stacks of Scrolls for 100 exp a piece. use the business quest from Mages Guild to gain stack.
  • Successfully persuading someone will provide exp
  • Successfully bribing someone will provide 250 exp
  • Using the pedestal, you can destroy stones in your hero's inventory to receive exp
  • Selling an item grants 2 Speechcraft exp per stack (selling crafted potions can net a lot of exp)
  • Several Quests reward Speechcraft EXP
  • BEST METHOD: To upgrade your speechcraft skill easily you can spam "persuasion" and "bribe" on footmen in good main quest.

It's quest number 4 (if you consider talking to antonidas and king are quests). So basically keep the footies alive and spam the persuasion and bribe icons on footies. Your speechcraft will up really fast.


  • Land Deed - Pings your house
  • Virtuoso - Req Speechcraft lvl 100 - Recite any song at will
  • Teleportation
    • Teleport Home - Req: 15 Housing, 15 Speechcraft. 500 Mana - Teleport home
    • Teleport to Bank - Req: 25 Speechcraft - Teleport to your bank
    • Teleport to Arena - Req: 25 Speechcraft - Teleport to the Alexandrian Arena
    • Teleport to Darkhaven - Req: 25 Speechcraft, Evil alignment. Teleport to Darkhaven
    • Teleport to Temple of One - Req: 75 Speechcraft. Teleporr to Temple of the One
    • Teleport to Arena of the Gods - Req: 50 speechcraft, Level 100. Teleport to Arena of the Gods