Summoning Set
Req. Level 200

The weapons of the shrines have been forged into one power. Its essence is intense all crying out for the Summoning...


+2500 Stats
+30000 Life Bonus
+50 Mana Regeneration/sec
+25 Armor


LifeSteal: 10% Blink: Max Athletics: 1000
Thorns: 20% Critical Strike: Cleave: 10%


Nether Bolt: x3 Intelligence Damage (Summoner)
Ice Blast: +75k Damage


How to Obtain

Grim Reaper's Scythe + Skeleton God's Mace of Malice + God of Tree's Spiked Armor + Infernal Sword of Darkness + God of Fire's Battle Gloves + Fusion Stone
=Summoning Set

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