The Temple of the Keys, sometimes referred to as the Temple of the Seven, is the hardest dungeon in the game. It is home to the Nagator.




The Entrance to the Temple

The temple is located in the Northwest corner of the Sunken Ruins.


Requirements: Infernal Pickaxe or Hammer, all 7 Key of Sevens

  1. Enter the temple and go through the zigzag maze to the left. Use the Key of Sevens 1 to open the door.
  2. Go through the portal in the next room and use the Key of Sevens 2 to unlock the door to the South
  3. Cross the clear bridge, hit the switch with the Infernal Hammer/Pickaxe, and continue south.
  4. Continue Southward and use the Key of Sevens 3 to unlock the next door
  5. Step on the switch with the Infernal Hammer/Pickaxe
  6. Head back through the portal to the room that you unlocked with the first key. Head through the game to the north via the Key of Sevens 4
  7. Unlock the door to the East with Key of Sevens 5, and the door in that passage with the Key of Sevens 6.
  8. Hit the switch with the Infernal Hammer/Pickaxe
  9. Head back into the room that you entered via the Key of the Sevens 4, and go north over the clear bridge to unlock the final door with the Key of Sevens 7, leading you to the Nagator

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