The Almighty
Level 350
Type Boss
Mana 36940
Strength 13739 +9250
Agility 10947 +9250
Intelligence 9202 +9250
Primary Attribute Strength
Damage 18740 - 18740 +9250
Armor 409 +311.5
Attack Type Holy
Armor Type Holy
Damage Reduction 93%

Presence of the Almighty,Flame and Thorns

The Almighty is a boss located in Heaven. He is fought as part of the Evil Main Quest, but can be accessed at any time by breaking the gate with the Forgotten's Set


The Almighty has different ability and when he uses them he will become invincible.

  • When the Almighty says "Gather" you'll be teleported in the middle when he says "Vanish" you will be strucked by lightning and can damage highly. This can be dodged easily by not staying in the middle near the fountain.
  • When the Almighty says "Hear my Calling" he will spawns 20 of Angel of Almighty.
  • When the Almighty says "you will be purged." he spawns 10 of angel of Almighty.
  • When the Almighty says "you will witness my true power" he will spawn 1 Golden Obelisk and if it reaches to 3 of them he will struck you with lightning along with himself causing massive damage.