True Excalibur
Req. Level 50
Req. Attribute Req. 2000 Str
Type Right Handed

Blessed the Ruler of the Olde Kingdom this Sword now gives its wielded complete command and strength.


+900 Damage
+3000 Strength


Command Aura: 20%
Excalibur Lightning: Strength x4


2000 Strength


How to Obtain

Requirements: Excalibur, Diamond Pickaxe or better, 2700 Base Str

  • Go to the Eastern part of the Northern Mountains, Northwest where the Gem of Time obelisk is and south of the cave with Coal Ore deposits in it to find a cave was blocked by ice pieces. Use the Song Of Fira to melt the ice
  • Talk to Arthur in the cave
  • Exit the cave, and an Angel will appear asking you to free a captured angel from Hell
    • This is extremely buggy as of 6.08. The Angel appears directly on top of Arthur when you talk to him if you're evil, and the angel in hell doesn't spawn, making the quest impossible. Even if good, it may take several trips in and out of the cave to get the angel to spawn.
  • Enter Hell. Get to the room with the prison cells South of the room with the Infernals, and press the Lever to open up the captured Angel's cell. Speak with the captured angel and he will teleport you out of Hell
  • Return to the cave in the Northern Mountains and speak to Arthur. The Angel will summon the demon that cursed Arthur, Jasiek. Defeat him and return to Arthur to have your Excalibur upgraded to True Excalibur, and Arthur's Soul removed from your inventory


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