True Excalibur
Req. Level 50
Req. Attribute Req. 2000 Str
Type Right Handed

Blessed the Ruler of the Olde Kingdom this Sword now gives its wielded complete command and strength.


+900 Damage
+3000 Strength


Command Aura: 20%
Excalibur Lightning: Strength x4


2000 Strength


How to Obtain

Requirements: ExcaliburAncient Key 2000 Str (according to the item, need someone to test)

  • Go to the Eastern part of the Northern Mountains, Northwest where the Gem of Time obelisk is and south of the cave with Coal Ore deposits in it to find a cave was blocked by ice pieces. Use the Song Of Fira to melt the ice
  • Open the Gate behind King Arthur with the ancient key. then run to the middle of the room with Excalibur equipped. A flood of monsters will appear, along with Jasiek the Fallen Angel. Defeat Jasiek and Excalibur will turn into True Excalibur