The Undead Daemonic is the Evolved form of the Necromancer.

"Criron: The Dead and I are becoming one. I shall Emerge more powerful than ever! Although long ago I was a general in Hells Armies who swore against the light, I will help the Angel and destroy the Lord of Terror... Then I will take my place as ruler of the undead."

Undead Daemonic


Strength: 13+7 (3205 max)

Agility: 18+10 (4008 max)

Intelligence: 33+17 (6816 max)

Starting Life: 1635

Starting Mana: 66 

Starting damage: 104

ROLES: Caster, Summons, Debuffs


In Progess


The Undead Deamonic's House location is in the Ramoria Graveyard.


Crirons Scroll (level 200 req) (Ultimate)

Shadric (level 350 req) (Ultimate) 


As of v6.08 His necrox summon is supposed to scale with his level and stats, but it is always stuck at level 1. (fixed)

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