Vampire Den

Entrance to the Vampire Den

The Vampire Den is the home of Nocturnus, and is a part of the Good Main Quest. It also houses a Pedestal that can be used in the Evil Main Quest


The Vampire Den is in the Southern Desert, East of the Southern Barrens, Southwest of Darkhaven, and Southeast of Fire Mountain. Entering it requires a Blood Key which can be found by digging under the statue Northeast of the entrance.

The Vampire Den can also be accessed via the Temple of the One without the need for the Blood Key



  1. Proceed into the main room with the foundtain
  2. Use the lever to open the door to the northern room
  3. In the northen room, use the lever to open the door to the southern room
  4. In the Southern room, use the lever to open the door to the Eastern room
  5. In the Eastern room, use the lever to allow yourself to activate the second, more eastern lever. this will open the door to the Western room, where Nocturnus awaits

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