Vanguard's Helm
Vanguards Helm 6.09
Req. Level 125

An Angelic Hero once wore this helm, now forgotten only one word remain inscribed on the Helmet. "Vanguardian"


+50 Armor
+1250 Intelligence


Trueshot Aura: 30% Increased ranged damage
Divine Shield: 10 Seconds


How to Obtain

  • In a chest in the Southeast corner of the Water Temple, next to the switch on the small hill, where you find the Dragon bones.
  • Random drop from using a Treasure Ship. (or kill bosses for it or it drops from high level enemies)


Vanguards Cuirass + Vanguard's Boots + Vanguard's Gauntlets + Vanguard's Helm + Vanguard's Scroll + Fusion Stone
= Vanguard's Set

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